If you’re considering making a move to Spring, Texas there are a few things you might need to learn about the city first. The busy little suburb of Houston does try to do things a bit differently than other cities, which is what makes Spring so unique. Of course, you’ll eventually learn all of these things on your own but it may save you some time by reading about them first here.


No Downtown


One of the most interesting things about Spring is their lack of a downtown district. While most cities have a centrally located downtown area where people from the surrounding areas descend for their cultural fix, for dining out, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. But that is not the case of Spring. According to the site Discover Spring Texas,


“Spring Texas is an unincorporated area of Harris County which means there is no actual city of Spring. We do have Old Town Spring which is a quaint area of 200 shops but it is not what you would expect a downtown area of city to be.”


So, unless you want to do your shopping in nearby Houston, you’ll just have to settle for those quaint little shops and boutiques that offer a little Texas hospitality with every purchase.


The Culture


Of course, even though Spring is small it doesn’t mean that it has no culture. Consider taking some time out to visit Spring’s newest cultural addition, the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts. It is the only museum in the Greater Houston area that lies outside of the famed Museum District. With several contributions from local artists blending in with other more well known figures in the art world, you’ll find a collection that will make this stop a must see on the cultural front.


In addition, you’ll have easy access to several performing arts venues in the area ensuring that you’ll have everything possible to keep you entertained throughout the years. Besides you’ll be only a short drive to Houston’s Museum District, which is a world of culture all by itself. As they describe it at,


“The district is the proud home of the nation’s sixth largest art museum, offering guests 300,000-square feet of space dedicated to paintings, sculptures, costumes, photography and textiles dating back to the antiquities. Other area highlights include – a vault containing the largest emerald crystal ever recovered in North America.”


It also boasts a fabulous skyline, theaters, and a host of other cultural activities to keep you entertained.




And if you’re angling for a different type of culture, Spring also has a great entertainment scene. The small community has its own share of comedy clubs, dance halls, and movie theaters. In addition, you’ll find a Race Park, an amphitheater, and a host of family friendly experiences so everyone can get in on the fun.




For those who prefer the outdoor life, there are numerous parks in the town where you can walk your dog, go for a bike ride, go fishing, or get together with some of your friends for a friendly game of baseball, basketball, football, or soccer. With trails meandering through, you can be free to stop and smell the roses if you choose to or go jogging in the natural surroundings of your new environment. In fact, each subdivision in Spring has its own set of private parks so you never have to travel very far to find one.




Once you’ve settled down in Spring, it will be hard for you to think of any other place as home. Residents here enjoy an affordable lifestyle, which is highly praised for a number of reasons. As some residents comment,


“It is here that we are able to enjoy a quality of life that others just dream about. Affordable housing, quality education, entertainment, culture, shopping, dining, ability to reap the benefits of living in close proximity to the major metropolitan city of Houston, and no state income tax add up to a very comfortable lifestyle.”


No doubt, you’ll have your own list of things you’ll want to see and do when you move to Spring TX apartments but whatever it is that you’re looking for, there’s a high probability that you’ll find it there.

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