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Stork Vision

Woodlands-area business brings new clarity to pre-birth baby photos

Stork Vision 3D/4D Ultrasound, a Woodlands-area business that provides next-generation photos and videos of unborn babies to expectant parents, is celebrating its second anniversary. Stork Vision was founded in April of 2015 by local resident Brook Makowsky, a registered ARDMS Sonographer.

“I wanted to bring the next generation of ultrasound technology to The Woodlands area’s moms- and dads-to-be,” said Brook. “Gone are the days of laying on a hard surface in a sterile doctor’s office while trying to make out old-technology black-and-white two-dimensional sonograms. At Stork Vision, you get vibrant colors, clear pictures, and real-time videos of your unborn baby.”

Stork Vision provides a comforting and comfortable environment designed to maximize the experience, whether it is to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, learn the gender, or just “check on baby.” Various packages are offered, and customers are given discs with the footage of their babies. “Heartbeat animal” plush dolls are also available, along with “repeat customer discounts.”

For more information on Stork Vision, call 713-540-0511, email, or visit and search for The Woodlands location. Stork Vision is located in the Portofino Office Suites at 250 Ed English Drive, Building 3, Suites 1B & 2B in Shenandoah just off Interstate 45 and Research Forest.

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