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Shopping for diamonds these days is a lot different from even a few years ago.  The internet has allowed customers to become extremely educated to make buying decisions.  With a quick google search a client can learn a lot about loose diamonds.  Sneaky salesmen decades ago used to be able to sell their buyers low-quality diamonds without them knowing about it.  With companies like GIA there is now lab grading on diamonds.  GIA Certified loose diamonds is the way to go so a customer can know the quality of their diamonds.  Diamond Exchange Houston offers the best prices on loose diamonds in Houston.

All Shapes and Sizes of Loose Diamonds

Diamond Exchange Houston offers wholesale loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes. We are a wholesale diamond dealer and loose diamonds are our specialty. Yes, we carry other jewelry, settings, engagement rings, pendants, and more. However, we are direct diamond dealers that will help educate you on what you are buying so you can get great prices along with great diamonds. The shapes we carry are-

  • round diamonds
  • princess cut diamonds
  • oval diamonds
  • emerald diamonds
  • cushion cut diamonds
  • marquise diamonds
  • emerald diamonds
  • radiant diamonds
  • and more.....


Schedule Your Appointment Today:

If you are interested in shopping for loose diamonds in Houston then contact Diamond Exchange Houston Today.  We are here for all of your diamond needs.  We are experts in diamonds and jewelry and have the best prices on diamonds in Houston.  To schedule an appointment then visit our contact page on our website or call us today at 281-623-1105.

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