Aiden Evans – Guest Contributor
Aug 25 2020

I was very thin when I was younger so I could not believe that I can be really fat during my middle-aged years. I really wanted to be slim again and that is why I did some research on how I can lose weight apart from dieting and exercising.  I learned some facts about liposuction and I do not want to go through that process because it is too risky for me. And then I learned about the popular strawberry lipo laser and the different UK-made imported lipolaser machines that we now have in this country. After knowing some facts about it, I decided to give it a try and I was glad that it worked for me. Let me share with you some of the good-to-know facts about this great invention.

How it works

Lipolaser machine, like the strawberry laser, has two paddles that are securely strapped on the body area where you want excessive fats to be removed. The laser will then liquify the fats and then discard it through the open spaces between the tissues. Since the fat is being shrunk and not dissolved, it is required that you eat healthy food and do regular exercises to prevent weight gain after the treatment. Also remember that if you start with lipolaser, you need to complete all the sessions to complete the process. The number of stages or sessions will depend on the size of the body area you want to be treated. If you will not be able to complete the stages, then you will not get the best result.

The benefits

There is no surgery or even injection involved in the process so it is definitely painless and not as risky as liposuction. There is also no downtime on your activities because after sessions, you can do your regular daily routine. The treatment will not take much of your time because it will only last for a few minutes. However, it will depend on how many areas you want to be treated. Since the process is painless, you can definitely relax while your fats are being shrunk by the laser. You will also find more time to do your other activities to maintain a healthier body like going to the gym or just doing simple physical exercises at home.

Choose the best place that offer the treatment

Since there are now many establishments that actually offer lipolaser, I will advise you to choose the best clinic that offer it. You need to check how long they have been doing the treatment and make sure to check if there are reviews about it or maybe testimonials from customers who tried it. You should also ask for recommendations so that you will have first-hand information on the result of the treatment.