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Teachers got in on the parade action

November 11th may have different meanings to each of us, but as a country it is a day of remembrance, a day to remember the veterans that help shape American history. 

Today, Colony Meadows Elementary was proud to take part in a Veterans program.  The day started out with a Red, White and Blue parade.  The patriotic colors were proudly presented in all manners as the students and teachers marched outside around the school waving handmade flags.  Onlookers were also given flags and gave encouragement as the parade progressed.  To add to the mood, America-themed music played over the speakers. 

Upon re-entering the school, the students congregated in the cafeteria for a Veteran’s Day assembly.  Teachers took turns talking to the group informally about the meaning of the day.  Kid friendly significances and definitions were given about the flag, songs, statue of liberty and patriotism.   Songs were sung with movement and it was easy to get caught up in the moment and join in.  A guest speaker was also present to speak to the kids.  Constable Wayne Thompson, a FBISD Alumni, 3-time deployed Veteran, explained to the audience what being a veteran meant to him.  A slide show ran with pictures of veterans related to the staff and students. 

The program provided an opportunity to talk to the next generation about the significance of Veteran’s Day, suggesting a good way we can teach our children to be grateful for the sacrifices of American veterans are through our actions and words.