Janet Berry – Guest Contributor
Nov 10 2017
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Whether you have an affection for astronomy, a sentiment for science or are mad for math, there was something for everybody yesterday evening at Colony Meadow Elementary Math and Science Night. 

With the Fort Bend Astronomy Club’s sponsored education community out-reach program Astronomy on Wheels (AOW) as guests, the students had a stellar experience.  Throughout the evening, all grades rotated through a set schedule of activities located in the library, classrooms and the field behind the school.  An out of this world presentation was put on in the library by AOW where our solar system was put in perspective with hands on models and slides.  In the classrooms, the kids played grade appropriate math games conducted by the teachers.  Tricky math equations needed to be solved in order to win games like “Math Bingo” and “Number Battle”. 

But the big draw of the evening was the high-powered telescopes set up for the kids to look at visible planets and stars.  And thankfully the weather and skies cooperated!! On hand, some with their own telescopes, the AOW volunteers directed the view finders and countlessly readjusted the focus for optimum viewing.  Also available was a binocular viewing experience where the kids could sit, spin and gaze up at the stars, looking like something straight out of Star Wars! 

This evening it seemed written in the stars that Colony Meadows Elementary keeps learning fun and with a formula like that… the kids gravitate!!