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Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy

9888 Bissonnet, Suite-285

Houston, Texas 77036

James H. Allen, Executive Director



Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy

Accredited High School Diploma Program


Houston, Texas – 22/March 2018 – Mr. James H. Allen today announced that in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy has in addition to their traditional High School Diploma Program, has been approved to provide digital instruction to students who need to obtain their high school diploma.  Accredited by Advanc-ED in 2013, the Academy has been providing a Dropout Prevention/High School Diploma Program to students in the Greater Houston area.  “From the family bread-winner to those seeking secondary education or career or technical choices, having a high school diploma is the first step in one’s path of self-actualization and efficacy”, says Mr. Allen.  He continues, “One very important element of our program is that it’s not age-limited.  We’ve had adults 25, 35, up to 55 years old return to complete the course requirements and obtain their high school diploma!”  In addition to helping citizens fulfill graduation requirements our program expands our community’s tax base by raising the standard of living of our dropout population, reduce the health costs that we all have to share, reduce the crime rate, reduce the drain on our public assistance program and increase voter participation.


Since 2001 Knowledge-First, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization has been educating and empowering learners to maximize their potentiality while inspiring them to develop a synergistic lifestyle.  “Making this project available, substantially decreases the number of high school dropouts in our community and offer new hope to those who have felt that they have no way to better themselves; many feel that the system has failed them”, says Mr. Allen.


To this end, Knowledge-First will provide educational services:


  •  to those who have experienced personal hardships, defined as either: became dropouts as a result of personal or family illness, (2) pregnancy of learner, (3) having served court-ordered judgment, (4) who through necessity, had to find employment to take care of their family or (5) other extenuating circumstances.
  •  to those who may have all their credits, but failed to pass the year-end examination.
  •  to those who may need “credit recovery” classes to maintain on track for graduation.
  •  to those of countries outside the United States, who’s high school diploma in not recognized.


This project has garnered support from the NAACP, Omega Psi Phi, Inc., the George Foundation, United Way and others.  Furthermore, Knowledge-First provides workforce development training that develops positive character and employable skills.  We believe, as did Plato, that the purpose and ultimate value of education is not to stick thoughts into the pupils’ head, but to inspire them to think for themselves.  We are our brother’s keeper!  If you need your High School Diploma or if you’re an organization interested in collaborating with Knowledge-First in this project, you are encouraged to call: 281-499-8315 and ask for Mr. James H. Allen.




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