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The bond between sisters is irreplaceable, and no one knows that better than Beverly Hugghins, 90, and Nellen Brunson, 85. The sisters are closer now than ever before because they both call Parkway Place, a senior living community in Houston, home. Recently, the two celebrated National Sisters' Day for the first time in more than five decades. The holiday was first celebrated in 2011 and honors sisters, the special bond they share and their contributions to the family. Sisters celebrate the day in different ways, such as dinner, movies or a walk. Hugghins and Brunson plan to spend the day together looking at old pictures and reminiscing on the past. It’s a hobby the two have picked up since moving into the community. The two never planned to live in the same community and believe they were brought back together for a reason.

“I never thought I would live just a building away from my sister at this stage in our lives,” said Brunson. “We always kept in touch, but our lives took us to different places over the years. We feel God put us back together in our hometown at this great community. When we were younger our mother would pick up a woman at a Buckner community, and now we live in one. We have come full circle. We enjoy seeing each other as often as we can. We lost our oldest sister so it’s nice to be together. I think our mother would be pleased with how things have turned out.”

Hugghins and Brunson were born and raised in Houston to a close-knit family. Their childhood was full of memories such as their mother cooking dinner or grandmother teaching piano lessons. After graduating high school, they both went on to attend Baylor University before getting married and starting a family. Hugghins briefly moved to California while her husband was in the service, but quickly returned to Houston when the war was over. Once home, the couple had five children and years of love before her husband passed in 2015. That’s when she moved to Parkway Place. Brunson, on the other hand, moved into the community in May. Prior to that she spent time in Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as 40 years in Monroe, La. where she raised three children. Over the years the sisters would see each other during holidays and vacations, but never lived in the same city again until now.

“It’s great to be back with my sister,” Hugghins said. “We do different activities at the community and attend different churches, but we find time to catch up or get lunch together. My sister is my best friend and to have her down the hall is amazing. A sisterhood is hard to describe, but no matter what I know she will be there for me. I think it’s neat that there is a day to recognize sisters, because I know mine made a difference in my life."

“It’s inspiring to see the family connections come together at the community,” said Linda Fitzhugh, director of independent living at Parkway Place. “We are thankful they both chose to call Parkway Place home, and we look forward to seeing the new memories they build together.”

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