The word has gotten out. Living in Houston’s Upper Kirby District is one of the most exciting places to live in this sprawling metropolis. The community is made up of a group of smaller neighborhoods mingling together to create the type of lifestyle that residents can truly enjoy no matter where they’re from. A major artery of the Greater Houston Area, there is good reason why you might want to consider relocating there. As they describe it so well at the Upper Kirby District website,


“Upper Kirby is a network of historic neighborhoods mingling hand-in-hand with urban/mixed-use developments and major economic centers. Nestled just minutes away from Greenway Plaza, Downtown, The Galleria and the Texas Medical Center, Upper Kirby sits amidst some of Houston’s most affluent and established residential neighborhoods.”


The amenities that residents can enjoy in this thriving part of the city are beyond compare. Not only are residents able to find great shopping experiences at the many boutiques in the area but they’ll also have the best of fine art centers, great places to eat, and play. All within an easy walk from their front door.


The Heart of Houston


In fact, one of the reasons why Houston has grown so much in recent years is because of the development of the Upper Kirby District. The fact that the area provides its residents with so many exciting new things to do, makes it really difficult to find any place that can beat it. With a vibrant nightlife, great cultural diversity and lots of outdoor fun for everyone to enjoy, it will be very hard to find an equal experience anywhere else in the state. According to, you should be able to find yourself right at home when you live in Upper Kirby,


“Once a forgotten area of town, today Upper Kirby and the adjacent Greenway Plaza are at the center of Houston’s growth. The multi-use West Ave project is the heart of Upper Kirby with its assortment of excellent restaurants and fine boutiques. Rub elbows with the post-work crowd at Oporto Café or Upper Kirby’s Downing Street Pub.”


Here is where you can meet up with all sorts of people that make up the vibe of the city. Learn how to unwind as you hob nob with the best.


It’s Houston


Aside from all the wonderful amenities you’ll get when you live in Upper Kirby, you’ll also get the perks that naturally come from living in Houston. The city has historically been an attraction from young professionals who are seeking somewhere to put down roots and begin their lives. With a growing economic base that has attracted businesses and corporations from all over the world, Houston has proved to be one of the most promising places to launch a new life in the country.


It’s the Ideal Spot for the Fashionista


There’s no question that if you’re someone that loves to live a cut about the rest, life in Houston will be the perfect spot to make your dreams come true, and life in Upper Kirby could be the only logical solution for meeting your unique needs. As they explain at Houston Relocation Advice,


“Located near The Art Institute of Houston, it definitely is a place for the young professional who wants to be in a neighborhood with plenty of happenings. Classy restaurants and venues will be near you such as the Sonoma Wine Bar. Public transportation is available and it’s pedestrian friendly.”


What more could you ask for; life in a city that has a little of everything and life in a community that has the best of everything. If you’re considering a relocation to Houston but you feel a little overwhelmed by its massive size and so many distinct and different neighborhoods, it might be difficult o decide where is the best place for you to settle down. However, if you take the time to check out the area that has been a major reason why so many have been drawn to it, you’ll want to look closely at what life could be like in Upper Kirby. Not only will you find the perfect backdrop for a new and exciting lifestyle, you’ll find a community that will fill your every need, no matter what it may be. You may also try renting at different apartments in Upper Kirby.

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