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                                   The Dallas Louis Family Celebrates Labor Day Traditions—Old and New 

Dallas Louis is a successful author, speaker and blogger of marriage, family and traditions

Houston, TX: Labor Day, which became an official national holiday in 1894, is usually celebrated with summer activities such as swimming, camping, picnics, etc. Labor Day is also the unofficial end of summer in the northern part of the U.S. The holiday was created to honor the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country.

Dallas Louis and her family plan to celebrate Labor Day weekend with family and friends at their home in Spring, Texas. “For as long as I remember, it is our tradition to spend time together, swimming in the pool, barbecuing and playing cards,” Dallas says. “When I was growing up in Austin, we spent every Labor Day at Lake Buchanan, north of Austin. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents—everyone came to the lake. It was our family tradition.

Dallas Louis’ family now implements a mixture of old and more recent traditions in its celebration. “Did you know women are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day?” says Dallas. “It’s an old tradition I like to follow.” The tradition was established after the Civil War by the super-rich women of high society in order to distinguish themselves from the “new rich.” This tradition, one of many fashion trends established by rich women of that era, allowed them to recognize which women were not from their group while in social events.

“Regardless of all the traditions, old and new, this is a time for family and fun, and that’s exactly how we intend to celebrate it,” Dallas concludes.


About Dallas Louis

Dallas Louis was born in Austin, Texas and now lives in Houston. She was the Women’s Ministry Director of her church for close to seven years and, on May 16, 2015, she graduated from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Christianity.

Dallas Louis is the author of two books: Girlfriends, Giggles & God, a 31-day devotion for women, and The Mommy Dairies: How I’m Surviving Parenting Without Killing Anyone. She has spoken to numerous mom’s and women’s groups about their faith, mothering, and “wife-ing.”

Dallas met her husband Jeff over fifteen years ago outside of a bar here in Houston. They dated six months before Jeff proposed. Forty-five days later, they were married on the island of Maui. They now have three children, Ethan, 15, Emma, 14 and Elliott, 13.

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