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Houston, TX – Local business man and founder of Katy’s Tough Talk Network, Tony Gambone, launched the Amazon bestseller, Share Your Message with the World, Vol.II, on Friday, February 12 following a week-long intense launch preparation facilitated by Gambone and the publishing team. The bestseller campaign consists of YouTube videos, a concentrated social media blitz and the gathering of the authors both physically and virtually to promote the book.

Tony Gambone, who facilitated and worked with the individual authors to compile Share Your Message with the World Volume I and II, is an authentic leader and connector. Through his everyday actions, Tony confirms the importance of conducting business with integrity and respect for others. He offered the authors an opportunity as business owners to co-author the book with the goal of creating new lasting relationships and building a sustainable future.

Share Your Message with the World is just what the name indicates. Sixteen authors share their story and their message with the world. “Through the stories in Volume II, you will discover proven ways to rise above things that have held you back.,” says Linda Ballesteros, author, radio host and co-founder of MPower Learning Connection. “Many of these stories will motivate you to leave the fear and destructive life patterns behind and become the leader in your own life.”

About Tony Gambone
Tony’s mission is to deliver value, benefits and opportunities for others to share their message and overcome their roadblocks through radio shows, business networking, speaking, consulting and his books. His vision is to honor God by helping and serving others through sharing his story so that he can engage, inspire, challenge and motivate his audience to be successful in their mindsets, lives, relationships and their business.

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