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Dallas Louis provides hot tips in her July blog series entitled “How to Survive Summer”

Dallas Louis, author and sassy blogger of everyday family and household tips, presents her July blog series called “How to Survive Summer.” The four blog-post series will begin on July 5 and last throughout the month of July.

Inspired by her experiences with her three children, the "How to Survive Summer" series is informative and entertaining. "When you have three children, you need to be creative. When you have three children, one of which with a broken ankle, and one with a ruptured ear drum, you need to be extra creative," Dallas said, her eyes full of merriment. Dallas uses humor as much in life as in her posts.

The first blog post, “How to Survive a Pool Trip”, to be posted on July 5, will address the pool bag essentials, how to keep a casted limb dry and keep a “broken” child entertained, pool games, and other pool visit essentials. In the second post, “How to Survive a Car Trip”, to be posted on July 12, Dallas will discuss trip itinerary, carry-on bag essentials, car games, and surprises. The third blog post, “How to Survive a Beach Trip”, to be posted on July 19, will cover the must haves for a beach trip, beach games, and health tips. In July 26 final post, “How to Survive a Staycation”, Dallas will address activities ideas for a vacation at home and in-town, and cheap and fun activities.

Dallas Louis was born in Austin, Texas and now lives in Houston. She was the Women’s Ministry Director of her church for close to seven years and, on May 16, 2015, she graduated from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Christianity.

Dallas Louis is the author of two books: Girlfriends, Giggles & God, a 31-day devotion for women, and The Mommy Dairies: How I’m Surviving Parenting Without Killing Anyone. She has spoken to numerous mom’s and women’s groups about their faith, mothering, and “wife-ing.”

Dallas met her husband Jeff over fifteen years ago outside of a bar here in Houston. They dated six months before Jeff proposed. Forty-five days later, they were married on the island of Maui. They now have three children, Ethan, 14, Emma, 13 and Elliott, 12.

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