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Yes, Mother’s Day doesn’t roll around for another few weeks, but let’s be honest: Most of us end up dashing to the store the day before to hurriedly pick out cards and gifts for the special women who raised us. We can do better than that after all the tantrums, rebellions, and scraped knees that our mothers have dealt with over the years. This spring, let’s think ahead a little and really do something meaningful for Mom. Out of ideas? Here are a few that might inspire you. 

Flowers, But Not the Ones That Die Right Away

Maybe you mother has a green thumb, maybe she doesn’t. Either way, she’ll probably enjoy adding some color and fresh scents to her home or garden, especially at this time of year. Sure, a bouquet is always nice, but within a few days, it’ll wilt and die. No one likes looking at a vase of half-dead flowers for very long. Luckily, now is the perfect time to bring potted plants home, and they’ll last a lot longer. If your mom won’t want the hassle of watering a plant every day, look into getting her a cute little cactus or another plant that requires minimal care. You love your mother every day, and by getting her a plant that will last awhile, you’ll remind her of that constantly.

Something You Can Do Together

Face it: what your mom really wants is time with you. Most of us are too busy with our own lives to regularly set aside time to spend with mama. If you really want to bring a smile to her face this year, plan something you can enjoy together. Spa packages for two are always a hit, but you don’t have to go down that path if you’re not the type who likes to be pampered. If she likes art, head to a museum or art studio together. If she’s more outdoorsy, look up a hike you can tackle later and make a day out of it. The important thing is to consider what she likes doing and make sure that you’ll really get some quality time together.

Address Something That Bothers Her

Okay, I know this one sounds kind of lame, but bear with me. Mothers put up with a lot on a daily basis, and there are always a few things that make their daily lives harder. For instance, my own mother could never find her keys. She used to spend a good ten minutes each day searching for them inside her Mary Poppins purse, so one year, I bought her a large keychain that made locating them easier. It might not seem like a big deal, but it let her know that I noticed something that annoyed her and tried to make it better. Does your mom hate how cluttered her desk is? Buy her an organizational system. Is she constantly dropping her phone? Pick up a protective case for her. Not only will the gift be used, but your mother will also appreciate you noticing the little things that drive her crazy.

Buy Her Something She’d Never Buy for Herself

Often times, mothers are so preoccupied with caring for others that they put their own wants aside. They convince themselves that they don’t really need those new heels they’ve been eyeing since they spend most of their days chasing young children around and running errands. If they won’t indulge very often, then this is your opportunity to encourage them to treat themselves. Buy them that fancy face mask that they never shell out the money for or surprise them with a nice pair of sunglasses. Sure, these things are by no means essentials, but they are things your mother might go without.

Add to Her Collection

Many people have their specials hordes. That sounds weird, but it’s true. You know your mother has been collecting porcelain dolls for fifteen years or something, and although you might not understand it, her collection is important to her. Pay attention to what items your mother owns and loves, and help her feed her collection. It might be teacups or plants or books or even strange preserves. Whatever it is, have fun with the gift and encourage her quirky habit.

Help Her De-Stress

There’s a reason everyone buys their mothers lotion sets and other luxuries for Mother’s Days. Most moms carry a lot of responsibilities, and this is the one day of the year where they get to put some of that weight aside. Sure, nail polishes and beauty products work for some women, but what about those who don’t really enjoy pampering themselves? Well, there are several options. My family purchased a nice back massager (you know, the expensive ones that you always see in Brookstone but never actually consider buying). My mom uses it all the time now whenever her muscles seem a little too tight. There are also sound machines and products to help her get a good night’s sleep, which we all know she definitely needs. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive: just make sure it’s something that’ll make her life a little bit more relaxed.

Obviously, these are just suggestions. No one knows your mother better than you, and you need to really take advantage of that. Don’t just pick out the first flowers you see or the fanciest card you can buy. Take the time to consider what she’ll appreciate the most, and you’ll make this her best Mother’s Day yet. 

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