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According to some experts, Texans are in for a buggier summer than usual this year, especially when it comes to flying pests.

Great, right? Nothing like mosquito bites and annoying flies to make the hottest season more enjoyable. Plus, these flying bloodsuckers can carry dangerous diseases. So, what can you do to prevent creepy crawlies from invading your personal space? 

Seal Any Gaps/Cracks That You Can 

Bugs will hunt for any entrance your house, no matter how tiny. Take the time to examine your walls and search for hidden cracks that could expose your house to unwanted pests. Doors and windows are especially dangerous, so make sure everything seals tightly when closed. You can even purchase extra weather sealing to add along edges that are little too loose for your comfort. 

Maintain Your Landscaping and Yard 

The more plants in contact with your home, the more insects that can find their way inside. Now, this doesn't mean that you should rip out every bush or tree that borders your house. Just make an effort to keep things looking tidy in your yard. Overgrown grass and untamed shrubberies are not your friends, especially during the summer. 

Invest in Protective Sprays and Other Products 

If you or other members of your family enjoy being outside quite often, then you might want to purchase some heavy duty bug sprays. Not only will the products prevent uncomfortable bites, but it will also deter bugs from latching onto your clothes and hitching a ride inside. Click here to see some of the most recommended spray brands. There are also items you can install in your outdoor living areas to make your time there more enjoyable. Despite what you've probably heard, citronella candles don't always repel mosquitoes well, but there are other more effective options. Click here for some ideas. 

Try to Keep Your Home As Clean As Possible 

Food and trash will always attract bugs, and the last thing you want is an ant invasion in your pantry. Make sure to clean up after every meal and refuse to leave food out in the open for long periods of time. Even minimal crumbs in the carpet can sing a siren song to ugly pests. Keep lids on your trash cans, food in sealable containers, and cleaning products at the ready. 

Call Professionals As Needed 

Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the recommended steps above, you can't ever completely bug proof your home. Don't hesitate to call an exterminator if things are really getting out of hand. They'll know the best tips and tricks for eradicating the problem, as well as preventing it from reoccurring. 

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