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For many Texans, this weekend will be packed with campfires, outdoor activities, and of course, barbecue. It's time to fire up the grills and hang out with family while chowing down on burgers and hot dogs. Although you can always throw some beans on the stove to pair with the meal, sometimes it's nice to be a little more creative. Here are a few recommended recipes that will add some flare to your cookout, and bonus: They're not even that hard to make. 

Cowboy Caviar 
There are actually many different names for this type of dish, but they all include the same delicious base ingredients: beans, veggies, and just the right amount of spice. Personally, I'd recommend adding some avocado (trust me, it's great). Serve with chips and voila! Instant hit. The View From Great Island has a great recipe. 

Fruit-Based Sides 
Many different fruits are in season right now, and they're so scrumptious that you can probably just serve them by themselves. However, that's a little too boring for some, so you can always jazz it up a bit. Mirlandra's Kitchen has a tasty recipe for brown sugar roasted pineapples, and Tastes Better From Scratch can teach you to make the perfect creamy fruit salad. 

Grilled 3-Cheese Fondue Bread Bowl 
Nothing impresses a group of hungry people like a steaming side of melted cheese. I mean, come on: We Texans devour queso by the bowl-full. Land O Lake's recipe will have you whipping up cheesy goodness in no time. You can always leave out the edible bowl if you want and serve the cheese with sides for dipping. 

An Edible American Flag 
Since this is a patriotic holiday, it only makes sense to serve things that come in red, white, and blue. Family Fresh Meals has a creative method for displaying the flag, and your family will wolf down the salty and sweet design. Plus, it only takes about ten minutes to prepare, so it's a win-win for everybody. 

Rasberry Pretzel Salad
If you're a fan of pretzel crusts, then you simply have to try Mom on Time Out's dessert. Packed with fruity flavor and a salty aftertaste, it'll be a refreshing hit with all dessert lovers. Just make sure not to skimp on the whipped cream. 

Buffalo Cheese Fries 

What goes better with a cookout than fries? Especially ones with a little extra seasoning? Tidy Mom has whipped up a fry recipe that practically explodes with flavor, and she even sprinkles cheese on the fried goodies to add extra zest. 

What are you guys serving with your Memorial Day meal? Comment with suggestions below! 

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