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In 1882, thousands of workers marched in New York City in advocation of basic work environment safety and necessities. Now, we commemorate that historic day on the first Monday of every September. It's America's "workingmen's holiday," and most of us use it to kick back and take advantage of some hard-earned rest. 

Many people flock to the lake, pool parties, and barbecues to celebrate, but those aren't the only ways to take advantage of the upcoming three-day weekend. Here are a few other ideas that will make this Labor Day stand out. 

Set Up an Outdoor Movie Night

Texas evenings are finally starting to cool down a little, so take advantage of the weather and host your movie marathon outside! All you need is a white sheet and a little projector to create your own outdoor theater. Don't forget the bug spray or those mosquitos will have a little celebration of their own. 

Experiment With Some Festive Cocktails 

Nothing screams "holiday" like a festive, one-of-a-kind drink in your hand. Whip up a unique sangria with your leftover watermelon or turn a classic mojito into a slushie. For a list of great drink ideas, you can check out this link

Volunteer for a Worthwhile Cause

Now, I know we just agreed that Labor Day is for relaxing, but now is also a great time to get involved. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, many shelters, food banks, blood banks, and other nonprofits are looking for some extra hands. If you don't have any plans for your long weekend, see what you can do to help. It can be as simple as gathering some old clothes from your closet to give away or dropping off some canned foods at a donation center. 

Spend It Stocking Up on Great Deals 

Many stores crank out great sales during the holiday and the days leading up to it. End-of-season clothing discounts are especially easy to come by, so revamp your wardrobe a little. Why wait until Black Friday when stores like Old Navy have marked clothing 40 percent off and more? Shoes also fall under the clothing category, so treat yourself to some new kicks. Outside of the clothing department, there are also some great mattress and home sales. For a list of great home sales, click here

Take a Last Minute Trip

Believe it or not, there are some awesome flight deals out there right now. It's not too late to book a long weekend to San Francisco or somewhere Flordia. Spirit Airlines has a list of Labor Day Weekend flight sales, and you can check this link to find some of the cheapest destinations to check out this weekend.

Visit the Nearest State or National Park 

Whether you love camping or just want to spend a couple hours in a new environment, traveling to one of the Texas parks is a great way to make memories. Our state has two national parks: Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains. There are also 54 state parks! If you're tired of Texas or just want to tackle a longer road trip, make your way to Arkansas or Oklahoma to check out their scenic parks. 

How are you spending your Labor Day? Leave other ideas in the comments below!

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