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Even if your child is too young to fully experience trick-or-treating, you can still celebrate Halloween and dress them up! Plus, when they're so tiny, it's easy to come up with a cute costume on a budget. Here are a few popular ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Bonus: most of them can be made in your home. 

Adorable Puppy 

Whether you're going for a Cruella de Vil and puppy duo or simply looking for a cute baby costume, this one is so incredibly simple. Buy a cheap onesie in the color you need and add spots or patches if necessary with fabric markers. Then, buy a hat and simply stitch/velcro/glue on ears. The last touch requires a bit of makeup for a button nose, then voila! You've got yourself a little pooch. 

The World's Tiniest Superhero 

It's super simple to take a plain colored outfit and slap a superhero emblem on it! If you're feeling fancy, you can even add a little cape or maybe a festive tutu. If you're looking for an emblem to iron onto a shirt, Walmart, Amazon, Michaels, and many other stores have a wide variety to browse, from Batman to Wonder Woman. 

A Snack That's As Sweet As They Are

Take some fluffy tulle and leotard to transform a boring outfit into a cotton candy costume! A make-at-home candy corn ensemble is another adorable way to go. Just pick a type of candy and try to whip something up at home. Not only will your little one look festive, but they'll also look cute enough to eat. 

Mini Witch or Wizard 

You can't tell me that a baby Harry Potter costume doesn't make you squeal. Plus, it's really not difficult to do! Just draw on a little scar, add a splash of colors from a Hogwarts house, or pop on some classic Harry Potter glasses. 

Buzzing Bumble Bee 

Yellow and black stripes on a onesie. What sounds easier? If you're feeling really committed, you can add a cute headband or even some delicate little wings to your baby bee. Yellow and black socks or hats are also good options

Farm Animal 

A sweet little lamb costume can be made out of cotton balls and fluffy little sweatshirt. Cow and pig costumes are also pretty easy to create, and they're downright adorable. 

What other cute DIY baby costumes can you think of? Leave your ideas in the comments below! 

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