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With fall fashion trends on the horizon, it's tempting to embrace sweaters and boots as soon as possible. After all, retailers and magazines are more than ready to embrace autumn styles!

However, we Texans know that we've still got a few months of heat to deal with before diving into warmer clothes. No one understands that more than these bloggers, who love all things Texas and fashion. Check out their websites for some style inspiration, as well as friendly advice and entertainment. 

Ali Schilling from A Dash of Details 

This 20-something blogger loves finding beauty in the small aspects of life. She calls Highland Park home with her two puppies and husband, and she's been making a name for herself in the world of lifestyle blogging for years. One look at her Instagram or website and you'll want to redo your entire wardrobe to match hers. I certainly can't get enough of her pretty flower photos and light, airy style. 

Courtney Shields from Bring Your Own Beauty 

Courtney claims she's had a knack for all things beauty since she was young, and her blog only seems to prove that statement true. She shares everything from her personal style to product recommendations from her home in Austin, Texas. Recently, she's been documenting her pregnancy experience and providing tips and tricks to other women who are expecting. Honestly, any reader can spend ages scrolling through her posts and learning about this charismatic blogger's life. Definitely check out her website or Instagram for some lifestyle inspiration. 

Kristina Braly from Kristina Braly 

Formerly known as Pretty Shiny Sparkly, this Texas-based blog offers a look into the ups and downs of Kristina's life as a writer, YouTuber, mother-to-be, and physician! Phew, that's a mouthful. You'll be impressed by her list of achievements (she founded the Bloggers Do It Better movement and more!), as well as her excellent recommendations for all things beauty and fashion. Visit her website or Instagram to learn more. 

Brooke Burnett from One Small Blonde 

This fashion blogger went to school in Dallas and then fell in love with the city. She started her own digital marketing agency, Muse Media, then went on to establish her own fashion blog as a creative outlet. She sums up her style in three words: simple, sophisticated, and chic. One look at her blog and you'll agree. Check out her Instagram or website for daily outfit ideas and a dose of life advice. 

Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes

It's not an exaggeration to say that Jane was ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion blogging. She started her blog when she was just sixteen, and she's become world-famous for her stylish influence and impeccable taste. She and her fiance, Jeff, live in Dallas. Turns out, she wasn't the first in her family to stake a claim in the blogosphere: Her mother is the popular home interior blogger Judy Aldridge (Atlantis Home). To learn more about Jane and her style, visit her website or Instagram

Jessi Afshin from The Darling Detail 

This style and inspiration blogger loves everything to do with fashion photography, and she's amassed quite a following through her successful blog. At just 24 years old, she's already expanded her blog to include five team members based in Austin, Texas. Visit her website and Instagram, but be warned: You'll probably become addicted to scrolling through her posts, which are full of positive statements and effortlessly assembled outfits. 

Nicole Kestenbaum from Lipstick and Brunch 

Although Nicole was born in Honduras, she's lived in Texas for more than eight years and now calls Houston home. She uses her little corner of the web to share outfit ideas and encouragement for curvy, petite women. She's written about everything from becoming a mother to the best products to travel with. Colorful and positive, this blog will make you smile, as will Nicole. Visit her website or Instagram to learn more. 

So, what fashion gurus do you turn to? Leave any other recommendations in the comments below! 

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