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With all the back-to-school items on your shopping list, it's the perfect time to embrace some sales and save some money. This weekend (Friday through Sunday), Texas is giving shoppers the chance to avoid sales tax while they stock up on supplies for the coming academic year. Sources estimate that Texans will save as much as $87 million dollars during this tax-free weekend. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

However, there are some things you should know before you grab your wallet and dash to the nearest mall. 

Not Everything Is Tax-Free

As much as we wish everything was on sale at some point over the next few days, there are some things that don't qualify. All eligible items must be under $100, which excludes plenty of pricey electronics or designer items. Most clothing items, backpacks, and school supplies will be tax-free, but you might want to check this website to be completely sure. 

Online Sales Might Offer Better Deals 

Just because there's no tax doesn't mean that in-store deals are always the best. Sure, check out Staples and Target for some of the items on your list, but don't forget to look online for better deals. Amazon has an entire back-to-school section, and some stores have sales that are only available online. Do your research by comparing prices before you throw everything in your cart at one store. Tax-free doesn't always equate to the cheapest price. 

Some Stores Are Adjusting Their Hours 

If you're trying to squeeze in some in-store shopping over the busy weekend, consider visiting during extended hours. Some stores will be open earlier or later so that everyone can take advantage of the sales. If you can manage it, going outside of normal shopping hours can save you some time and energy. No one wants to fight the crowds during the mid-day rush. 

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