Riley Heruska

Before you roll your eyes at yet another zombie television show, let me tell you a little bit about Netflix’s new gory hit, Santa Clarita Diet. Trust me, it’s unlike any other zombie flick you’ve seen.

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play a married couple, Shelia and Joel, who are attempting to live a quiet life in California. The two work as overly optimistic realtor partners and all seems normal until Shelia begins to spew a profuse amount of vomit. Graphic, I know, but I’m only preparing you for the rest of this strange story. After being sick to her stomach, Shelia realizes she’s changed quite a bit. She’s happier than ever, bursting with energy…. and she craves human flesh.

Thus, the hilarious tale of Joel and Shelia begins as they attempt to hunt down evil humans to sate Shelia’s vicious (and quite disgusting) appetite. Despite the extremely morbid premise, the show will have you snorting with laughter during the first episode. The cast is superb, and they deliver every line with just the right amount of sass and parody.

Like many beloved shows of today’s television (Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Americans), Santa Clarita Diet encourages the audience to root for the “bad guy.” Obviously, Joel and Shelia are killers, and yet you can’t help but giggle at their ridiculous antics. The juxtaposition of zombie problems with their lives as parents to a teenage daughter, as well as hard-working realtors, is brilliantly amusing.

The most defining aspect of the show is probably Joel and Shelia’s relationship. The two are the most supportive spouses one could imagine, even when Shelia is nibbling on some guy’s calf and Joel is having a mental breakdown after hiding a body. You’ll laugh out loud as the two attempt to maintain positive, calm attitudes in the face of their absurd reality.

Not a fan of gore? You might want to skip this one. If you can get past the blood and guts, and you enjoy a great comedy once in awhile, then Santa Clarita Diet might just be your new favorite evening Netflix binge.

Here is the trailer. FYI, there is some bad language. 

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