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If you've ever looked into stress management or mindfulness, you've probably stumbled across a few popular meditation apps. When you see options like Headspace or Calm ranked highly in the app store, it's because people are quickly realizing that meditation is more than just saying "ohm" while sitting cross-legged on the floor. 

Regular meditation practice can help you reap tons of benefits and can seriously improve your overall health. If you've been considering downloading a meditation app but aren't sure if you'll actually use it, here are three reasons to pull the trigger and give one a shot. 

The App Will Slowly Ease You Into Guided Meditations 

Practicing various forms of meditation isn't something you can leap right into. Like any habit, it takes time to develop. By downloading a well-reviewed app, you'll have access to a step-by-step guide that will gradually allow you to build a healthy relationship with meditation, as well as stress management, gratitude, and positivity. 

You'll Start to Develop a Schedule 

With a busy routine and so many obligations, it's difficult to find the time for meditating on a regular basis. That's where an app steps it: with notifications and alerts, the app will encourage you to stop what you're doing and focus on your health for a few minutes every day. Think of the app on your smartphone as an accountability partner. 

It Will Explain How Meditation Benefits Your Mind and Body 

At first, you'll probably feel silly closing your eyes and breathing deeply while listening to someone talk about clearing your mind. However, as you spend more time with an app, you'll learn more and more about the powerful benefits of meditation. Studies have found that meditating can help reduce stress, improve concentration, boost your immune system, and even maybe slow the process of aging. Plus, people who meditate tend to be happier with their lifestyle and personal growth. Because the app will continuously inform you of these benefits, it will be easier to stick with a regular practice than if you simply start meditating on your own. 

Do you use a meditation app? Do you like it? Leave comments or suggestions for others who are interested in downloading one. 

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