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Unless you deep-clean your house on a frequent basis, your home could probably use a little TLC this spring. It's time to break out the cleaning gloves and supplies so you can give it a thorough scrub from top to bottom. Not only will a spring cleaning give your home a fresh feel, but it will also help clear out allergens and other contaminants as warmer weather rolls in. 

When you begin your home cleaning, don't forget to address these problem spots that often go unnoticed for the majority of the year. You'll thank yourself later when every inch of your house is sparkling and sanitary. 

Your Fridge Shelves 

Even if the inside of your fridge seems pretty clean and orderly, it might not be. Double-check the expiration dates on everything and toss all of the old food. Then, use cool water and baking soda to thoroughly scrub the surface of the shelves and drawers. Also, remember to sanitize the door handle of the fridge. After all, germy hands touch it multiple times each day, so it's probably in need of a good spritz. 

The Dishwasher 

Although most experts say that you should clean appliances like your dishwasher at least once a month, most of us don't do that. Use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to give your dishwasher a fresh start by making a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, then flushing it through the machine during a hot water cycle. This will prevent gunk and bacteria from building up inside the moist appliance. 

All Bedding 

Changing your sheets at least once a week is a commonly-known must, but how often do you sanitize the rest of your bedding? Toss your blankets, comforters, mattress cover, and quilts into the washing machine for once. You may also want to vacuum your mattress surface and throw pillows to remove any lingering dust mites or allergens. 

Your Hard-to-Reach Windows 

Sure, you spray a little Windex on the windows you usually look out of, but what about the high-up glass surfaces you ignore? Those are probably covered in a layer of thick dust. Take some window cleaner and a paper towel to the area, and use a ladder (or tall friend) if you have to. 

Your Washing Machine

Washing machines can be a nasty environment for thriving mold and mildew, as well as dirt, minerals, and other materials. Do an online search to see what kind of cleaner works best with your particular washer, then use a cloth to scrub the inside of the machine, as well as the door. This will help your clothes smell clean after washing them and decrease the risk of foul odors in your laundry room. 

The Inside of the Oven 

Let's be honest: every now and then, something drips onto the floor of your oven, and you typically ignore it as it slowly burns away. Sometimes this is fine, but as debris builds up, your oven will become dirtier and dirtier. Take this spring cleaning opportunity to put a little elbow grease into removing the grime that has accumulated inside. 

The Entire Shower 

There are so many parts of your shower that could use a good scrub: the floor, the glass, the drain, the showerhead, the walls. Chances are, you don't scrub entirety of your shower on a regular basis, but this is a great time to clean it extensively. Wrap the showerhead in a secure bag full of vinegar for a deep clean. If you have a shower curtain, sanitize it with salt water so mildew doesn't accumulate. If you have a glass door, use window cleaner to wipe away water stains. By the time you finish with your big clean, you'll feel like you have a new shower. 

Dusty Bookshelves 

Your knickknacks and novels might look orderly on your shelves, but they're probably covered in a thin layer of dirt and human skin cells. Yuck. Take a rag to all of the items and wipe down the surfaces of the structure to remove the lingering dust. 

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