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In need of some new content for your Friday night binge sessions? Here are some of the most highly-anticipated movies, documentaries, and shows that will be hitting your favorite streaming service in March.

Flint Town Season 1: A Netflix Original Documentary - March 2 

Find out what's really going down in the town of Flint, which has been haunted by crisis for years. The city's police department takes you on a ride through the area and talks about the efforts they are making to bring it back from the brink of disaster. 

Girls Incarcerated Season 1: Netflix Original Series - March 2 

This gritty new docuseries promises plenty of fights, friendship, and a hefty dose of drama. Prepare to learn just how high the stakes are for these women behind bars. 

Ladies First: A Netflix Original Documentary - March 8 

Learn about Deepika Kumari, a girl born into destitution in India. Her tale is one of dedication and impressive talent as she works to become the best archer in the world. 

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season2: Netflix Original Series - March 8 

Revisit this popular comic book adaptation in its second season. Krysten Ritter plays Jessica, a woman with superhuman abilities and a knack for investigation. Talk about literal girl power. 

The Outsider: A Netflix Original Movie - March 9 

When a former American G.I. (Jared Leto) joins the yakuza after his imprisonment in post-WWII Japan, he's forced into a world of dangerous criminals. Buckle up for plenty of action and drama in this one. 

Love Season 3: Netflix Original Series - March 9 

Continue following the confusing, semi-romantic tale of Mickey and Gus as they navigate the waters of love, life, and what it means to be with someone. 

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2: Netflix Original Series - March 23 

The witty satire (and bloody snacks) continue in 2018 with this second series of the hilarious Santa Clarita Diet. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant will have you laughing before you can say "but zombies don't sell houses."  

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2: Netflix Original Series - March 30 

Finally, season two of our favorite woeful tale is hitting Netflix! Join the Baudelaire orphans as they try to escape the clutches of the evil Count Olaf through a series of mishaps and misfortunes. 

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