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So, you got assigned a name for your workplace's Secret Santa party, and you've put shopping off until the last minute. You don't want to resign yourself to another easy but boring gift like a Christmas mug or a gift card, but you're not sure what else to go for. No worries! Here are some great gift ideas that won't cost you much but that will bring a smile to anyone's face, regardless of how well you know them. 

Package of Unique Socks
. Who won't enjoy some Harry Potter or Christmas-themed socks, especially with all of the cold weather hitting Texas lately? 

Cheap Bluetooth Speaker. Ever noticed the $5 ones in the front section of Target? Friends of all ages will find a use for one, especially if they love jamming out to music at their desks or on the go. 

Table-Top Game: 
There's some sort of cheap game for everyone. Look into Prosecco Pong, a small pool table, or a miniature foosball table. 

Cute Little Plant:
 Give your friend a chance to embrace their green thumb with a cactus or succulent. They can survive with fairly small amounts of water, so they'll stay alive for a long time, even if the giftee isn't great with plants. 

Mini-Waffle Maker:
 Did you know you can score one of these cute little appliances for just $18? It's pretty much a no-brainer.

Cozy Blanket:
 Right now plenty of stores are offering great deals on fuzzy blankets, and they're the perfect kind of gift for a cold December party.  

Calendar With a Fun Theme:
 2018 is almost here, and you know what that means: time to open a brand new calendar! 

Quality Waterbottle:
 This might sound boring, but anyone will appreciate an insulated bottle that keeps their drinks icy and refreshing all day. 

Lip Balm:
 I'm not talking about some fruity Smuckers. I'm talking about high-end stuff that will keep both women and men's lips from cracking during this chilly weather. 

Leather Journal:
 The written word isn't dead yet! Give your person a lovely place to jot down important thoughts and lists. 

Luggage Tag Set:
 If you're shopping for an avid traveler, they can never have enough colorful luggage tags to use. Bonus points if you get it personalized for them! 

Pair of Bluetooth Headphones:
 No more tangled cords in their bag, and you won't have to hear them play their tunes on their desktop speakers. 

Funny Flask:
 Whether they enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage or not, most people will get a kick out of a decorated flask with a witty statement on it. 

Set of Fashionable Coasters:
 No one likes a coffee table with stains on it. 

Phone Mount for a Car:
 With the new no texting while driving law in Texas, everyone should be using one of these so they keep their eyes on the road instead of on their phone in their lap. 

What other great Secret Santa ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments! 

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