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I know we're all anxious to bust out the holiday decorations and start playing Elf on repeat, but let's not overlook the wonderful aspects of Thanksgiving: a delicious meal, time with family, and of course, hours of vegging out in front of the television after inhaling enough food to feed a small army. Although many people will turn on the football game, not everyone is a sports fan, so here are a few classics that are perfect for enjoying on November 23. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Admit it: you can hear this film's uplifting score playing in your head as you read this. People of all ages love this classic children's film, and even though it's more than forty years old, Charlie's unique Thanksgiving dinner is an experience that has stood the test of time.

Garfield's Thanksgiving (1989)

Although it's not nearly as popular as Charlie Brown, this animated television special is still worth watching. Kids will get a kick out of Garfield's panicked reaction when a veterinarian puts him on a special diet. The famous cat grumpily makes his way through Thanksgiving Day while dreaming about juicy turkey, mouthwatering sweet potatoes, and of course, a traditional dessert of pumpkin pie. 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

This movie is such a Thanksgiving classic that some theaters offer select showings of the film as the holiday approaches. Arguably the best holiday-themed movie on this list, Planes, Trains and Automobiles follows Neal Page (Steve Martin) as he joins forces with an odd stranger (Jon Griffith) in an effort to get home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with his wife and children. Hilarious and timeless, this is truly a classic holiday film. 

You've Got Mail (1998) 

In this romantic comedy, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks find love in a series of humorous coincidences. Although meeting romantic partners online is no big deal nowadays, this movie set the bar for Internet romance before it was cool. You've Got Mail might not strike you as a Thanksgiving classic, but watch the film and you'll see why it's on this list. 

Home for the Holidays

When mother Claudia Larson travels to her childhood home for Thanksgiving after her teenage daughter decides to spend the holiday with her boyfriend, she's not sure what to expect from her dysfunctional family. However, when she meets her brother's handsome friend, things start to get a little more interesting. By the end of the film, Claudia has a new perspective on life, but not before several humorous incidents with her wacky relatives. It's lighthearted, fun, and definitely a great film to get you in the Thanksgiving mood. 

The Big Chill 

When a close group of former college friends gathers for a reunion in South Carolina, things aren't exactly as "chill" as the gang thought they would be. Over the course of the weekend, the friends confront personal truths and face their harsh realities. Sounds like kind of a bummer, I know, but it's got heartwarming themes such as the importance of friendship and support. 


The Blind Side (2009) 

Well, it's not exactly a "classic" per say since it's less than nine years old, but many believe The Blind Side perfectly embodies the feel of the Thanksgiving holiday, and it's becoming a bit of a holiday-viewing staple for some. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, a mother who takes in a homeless black teen. The film touchingly portrays the transformation of the Tuohy family and the value of caring for others. You might want to bring a few tissues if you decide to watch this one. 


Which Thanksgiving movies do you love to turn on every year? Leave other recommendations in the comments! 

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