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It's a new month, which means plenty of new content to stream on your favorite services like Hulu and Netflix. Here are some of the top new shows that you can binge-watch throughout August. Which one are you most excited to speed through on a Friday night? 

 - August 17

If you're a fan of Matt Groening's work on The Simpsons, then you need to check out this adventurous story about an alcoholic princess and her feisty companions as they travel through a mythical world. Geared towards adults, the show captures the same irreverent, witty humor you've come to love in Groening's shows, so if you've been missing your weekly dose of animated comedy, jump in when it hits Netflix on August 17. 

The Good Place Season 2 - August 23 

Technically this show isn't "new" since it aired last fall, but this is the first time it will be available to stream on Netflix, which means plenty of people probably haven't caught up on Eleanor Shellstrop's adventures in the afterlife. Enjoy all of the dark humor and ingenious plot twists in this second season starting August 23. 

The Innocents 
- August 24

This twisted take on the classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet follows June and Harry, who live in a strange supernatural world. Follow along as their secret passions force them to run away from home and June inherits a powerful gift. You might have heard Shakespeare's version of the story a thousand times, but you've never seen it told quite like this. Start streaming The Innocents on August 24. 

Season 2 - August 31 

Season one of this gripping Netflix Original show documents the life of a financial advisor who moves from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks. Once there, Marty struggles to keep his family safe while money laundering. People have anxiously awaited season two, and starting August 31, you can find out what happens next in the lives of the Byrde family. 

Jack Ryan
- August 31 

If you're a fan of John Krasinski, then you'll definitely want to check him out in this new show about CIA secrets and terrorism. Krasinski plays an analyst, Jack Ryan, who is thrust into a field assignment that places him in the middle of a terrifying kind of terrorism. It's deadly, it's smart and it's downright addictive. Tune in on Amazon Prime Video on August 31 to see Jim from the office take down some bad guys. 

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