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This month, communities throughout America are highlighting the importance of vaccinations, which keep us all safe from dangerous and potentially deadly diseases.

Now is the time to promote vaccines at your organization and remind your loved ones to stay up to date on their shots. Keep in mind that everyone over the age of six months can receive certain shots, but it's always best to talk to a doctor about which immunizations should be prioritized at specific ages. 

To see what shots you need to be a healthy, safe adult, click here. There are also vaccine checklists for pregnant women and children under the age of six

Important Questions to Ask in Your Family: 

1. Is everyone up to date on their vaccines? If you're not sure, ask your family doctor for records. 

2. Are you waiting to vaccinate young children or babies? Make sure you're following the guidelines provided by a pediatrician and sticking to the vaccination schedule. 

3. Do your school-aged children need any required vaccines before they return to an academic setting? 

4. Do you have plans to get the flu shot this year? Doctors recommend getting vaccinated before flu season begins in October. 

5. Is anyone planning to travel outside of the United States? Double-check to see what vaccines you should receive before departing. 

Use this nationally-recognized month to promote awareness and safety throughout your local community. Together, we can work to prevent the spread of serious diseases and share vital knowledge. To learn more about National Immunization Awareness Month, visit the CDC website

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