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Maybe you live in an area that doesn't allow firework celebrations, or perhaps you simply don't like the hassle of dealing with them. Either way, there are tons of holiday activities you can plan that don't involve any dangerous explosives or fire hazards. 

Here are some great suggestions for Fourth of July get-togethers that will keep everyone safe and entertained. 

Host a Patriotic Clothing Competition

Since everyone has some red, white, and blue hanging in their closet, this is an activity everyone can participate in. Challenge your friends and family to show up wearing tons of American flair, from face paint to a shirt decked in stars and stripes. If you really want to take things to the next level, offer some sort of prize for the most patriotic outfit. Make sure to document all of the ensembles on camera! 

Cool Down With a Water Balloon Fight

As long as the weather keeps progressing like it has been, Texas is probably looking at a Fourth of July holiday that's somewhere in the 90s. Keep everyone cool with a bit of friendly competition in the backyard. Purchase red, white, and blue balloons, then see who is left dry at the end of everything. Don't leave the battle to the kids; get all of your guests involved and make some memories. 

Whip Up a Variety of Red, White, and Blue Treats 

Right now, Pinterest is ablaze with Fourth of July desserts and drinks. You can follow recipes to create anything from Firecracker Jello Shots to American Flag Berry Pies. After all, nothing feels more festive than munching on a bunch of specialty treats after a day in the sun. 

Screen an American-Themed Film 

Invite everyone inside to cool off with a movie like Independence Day. If you don't want to watch a film, you can also probably find a fireworks show airing on television and watch from the comfort of your living room. Some people even project movies or shows on screens outside so that guests can watch from the pool or porch. 

Use Confetti Shooters Instead of Sparklers 

This allows kids to enjoy the thrill of launching sparkles into the air without burning themselves (or your home). Sure, they're a pain to clean up, but the fun is totally worth the cost. You can also fill balloons with confetti and pop them to achieve a similar experience to small fireworks. 

How do you celebrate the Fourth without fireworks? Leave other suggestions in the comments! 

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