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Be a SAP Certified Professional! Our SAP certification courses are intensive training, focusing on the integration of 11 different business processes in SAP ERP® and is taught by certified SAP® instructors. The course concludes with the certification exam. Upon passing the exam you will be designated an SAP CERTIFIED BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. For more information visit: / 713-977-0566 /  832-868-3067 Enrollment questions please contact -

• Receive focused, specialized training in SAP ERP® - a state of the art software used by multi-national companies around the world.

• Perform key business processes in order to understand integration points and key controls of SAP ERP®.

• Increase your marketability to prospective employers.

• SAP training is portable and is recognized globally across industries

• SAP is the world's largest business solution provider

• SAP is used by over 87% of Fortune 1000 companies

Salaries for certified SAP in industry range from $45,000 - $100,000

Junior, Senior, or Graduate students who have taken at least three courses with SAP ERP® are eligible to sign up.

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