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Easter can fall on one of 35 different days between late March and late April every year dependent on the cycle of the moon-but always on a Sunday. During Lent that begins on Ash Wednesday and follows for 40 days not including Sundays, Christians prepare for Easter with prayer, repentance, and mourning. On Easter Sunday a celebration of Spring, newness, purity, and joy surrounds the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is represented through an abundance of glorious flowers.

Easter Lilies

Flowers always symbolize emotions. Easter is a joyful time of new beginnings and re-birth. After the dryness of winter, the flowers bloom and the air is lighter with more sun prevalent. The Easter Lily is associated with the resurrection of Christ and is mentioned throughout the bible. Some say that the white lily sprang up in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus wept after his betrayal by Judas. Another legend is that white lilies appeared after Eve left the Garden of Eden. The Easter lily symbolizes the purity of Jesus when he died on the cross.

Daffodil, Tulips, Iris, and Passion Flowers

Although the Easter Lily is the most common flower to give at Easter many other Spring blooms are popular. The daffodil is often connected with Easter to symbolize re-birth, a new season, and hope. Baskets of daffodils are used in centerpieces and baskets during the holiday to bring good fortune. Never use just one-bad luck will follow!

A tulip is very elegant, light, and beautiful flower used in red, purple, yellow, orange, and pink to add color to an Easter basket arrangement. The bulbs can then be re-planted to have for next Spring. Tulips not only enhance an arrangement, but signify everlasting love.

The circle of petals in the passion flower are representative of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore and the 10 disciples that did not deny Christ. The flower usually lasts for 3 days-the same amount of days that Jesus spent in the tomb.

What about the iris? The iris has been a link from earth to heaven since Ancient Greek times. Purple irises were planted over the graves of women to summon the Goddess to lead the journey. It has now come to mean faith, hope, and wisdom.

Putting all these flowers together with a few brightly colored eggs, with some grass, or greenery brings significance to any Easter arrangement. It’s all about the fun, using pastel colors, bows, butterflies, bunnies, and FLOWERS!

Celebrate the Season with a Basket of Flowers

Baskets were originally created to supply a nest for the Easter bunny to leave eggs for the children in the early morning hours of Easter. Sending the right basket or arrangement for Easter is a way of sharing the joy of the holiday. Enjoy the season with various springtime flowers that are traditionally used to celebrate the sacred Easter Holiday. Easter floral arrangements are a very thoughtful, eco-friendly, personal, meaningful, and beautiful way to decorate your home that symbolizes renewal and happiness. Children enjoy baskets adorned with chocolates, stuffed bunnies, chicks, and Peeps! Anything can be custom made for you with a phone call!


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