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Don’t panic! You know that right after Halloween, the Holidays are right around the corner. Yes, that close! But it’s like running a marathon, one mile at a time (room at a time) will get you to the finish line to receive guests with a smile on your face. Never let them see you sweat or in this case-see how hard you worked to make the house shine.

Where to start?

You need a plan. Let’s prioritize the list:



Guest rooms

Baseboards and mirrors


Floors- including carpets


Holiday Serving

Windows-clean before you decorate. Do you want a professional window cleaner? Schedule this now! Many window cleaners now have an added fragrance. Nice touch to add a cinnamon smell. Don’t forget to pick up moistened window wipes for quick touch ups weekly.

Bathrooms-sink, counter, mirror, bathtub/shower, toilet, baseboards, and floor. After you clean, make sure you have disposable cleaning wipes under the sink for easy quick wipe ups. All non-essential items should be removed to keep the bathroom free and simple. What about picking up some decorative hand soap and disposable hand towels?

Guest Rooms-start with cleaning all the linens and fluffing. Remove all clutter and either store under the bed in a box or remove completely from the room permanently. Do you have a small basket of toiletries you can leave on dresser with a clean set of towels for guests?

Baseboards and Mirrors- by cleaning the baseboards first before the floors you won’t be doing double duty with dust bunnies hitting the floor. Mirrors are important because people really do check themselves out every time they pass a mirror in your house. You do not want spots on your mirrors!

Kitchen- the kitchen is where guests and families generally gather. Holidays are about food! Check out your pantry. Do you need to throw stuff out? What about the refrigerator? It’s probably time for a good cleaning. Wait until it’s almost empty of food-day before you grocery shop. Baking soda is a great deodorizer and cleaner to use in the fridge. Have you looked at your silverware and glasses lately? Take a closer look and see if maybe they need a good handwashing.

Floors- good to leave last since constant traffic makes this more difficult to keep clean. Are you going to have carpets cleaned? Need to schedule this soon. A good carpet cleaning is well worth the effort annually to get pet dander, soils, and a fresh overall feel to your home. Now keep it clean by following these tips.

Decorations- ready, set, decorate! Keep in mind that simple is always best. Too much can add clutter and you are the one putting it up after the Holidays!

Holiday Serving-lastly, take out your dishes and serving pieces you want to use to make sure they are clean. Time saved now will make you a better host when the family arrives.

What next?

You’ve done the major deep cleaning, now it’s just maintenance. Keep disposable wipes available under sinks for easy touch ups of sinks, counters, mirrors, and windows. Remember to make sure to avoid using any ammonia on granite counters. Do you have a hand vacuum? Now would be a good time to invest in one. Run dishwasher and a load of clothes/towels daily to keep everything to a minimum. Wipe down faucets daily with your wipes to keep the shine. Check out 14 Daily Habits for a Clean Home

After the Holidays

Store items in boxes labeled by room or location for easy set up next year-kitchen, fireplace, dining room, bathroom, etc. Do you like the way you set everything up? Take a picture and pack it with the boxes. Sure makes remembering easier!

If this sounds like a lot of work- Call us!

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