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Hundreds of youth aged 4 through teen gathered for a day of stretching, athletics, and an hour of code finishing with lunch sponsored by Chick-fila-a at Gerald Irons Junior High on Saturday. Youth transitioned between 4 different cycles of activities including an athletic stretching on the large screen with Texan JJ Watt.

 "We want the kids to feel empowered to expand their mind beyond athletics", said sponsor Keith Johnson Chief Operating Officer of Picture Worth Custom Framing. "The STEM process keeps the kids engaged while learning. Technology is advancing everyday and they need to be part of the advancement".

 Keith Johnson and his team, wife Melissa (General Manager), and son Damien (Account Manager) recently launched a virtual augmented reality application, Uncover Everything, that can turn static objects into interactive videos to tell a story.

Key sponsors for the event include America's ER, Gullo Ford, Mercedes Benz, Children's Books on Wheels, Prestige Air Conditioning Experts, Huddle Touch, NFL Charities, The Marcel Group, We See Abilities, Step Pediatrics, Microsoft, and Picture Worth Custom Framing honoring Gerald Irons Sr.

STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, utilize gaming techniques to demonstrate to youth how they all work together to create video games. Hour of code is an international movement to teach younger children about computer science.

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