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A grant of $22,000 from Mobile C-Arm Services will help The Treehouse Center begin repairs at the shelter for girls in Conroe. Mobile C-Arm Services is a mobile fluoroscopy c-arm rental company based in Houston with satellite locations in Austin, San Antonio, and the Dallas area. Founder Carlos Castro founded the company in 2009 and believes in empowering youth through supportive actions.

The Treehouse Center is a residential home niched in a neighborhood near River Plantation in Conroe serving young girls 6-15 years of age with a safe place to live until they are stable enough to go back to living with their parents or eligible for adoption. The Treehouse Center provides an individualized structured residential program to assist troubled girls in achieving a productive daily life, free from abuse, delinquency, substance abuse and neglect.

The shelter was founded 9 years ago by Dr. Day Lee Snell and Dr. Kathleen Tanner when they saw a need to provide girls with troubled pasts, situations of substance abuse or in distressed situations with the proper guidance and therapies necessary to turn their young lives around. The Center offers individual services to residents to develop their overall well-being as a youth as well as recreational opportunities in the community. A few of the older girls participate on the Lone Star Chaos Junior Roller Derby team at Rainbow Roller Rink in Conroe.


Each resident will be at the home for approximately one year and derive from areas around Dallas, local communities, and CPS. Currently the youngest girl residing at the Center is 6 and the oldest youth is 13 years old. All the girls attend Conroe ISD schools- Conroe High School, Bozman Intermediate, Peet Junior High, Cryar Intermediate, Wilkinson Elementary, and Rice Elementary. Care is provided 24 hours each day with a capacity of housing 25 girls at any one time.

Through therapy and cognitive behavior therapy the residents learn different strategies for coping instead of unacceptable behaviors. The residential shelter is structured to provide full time care, education, support and counseling to improve their self-image and modify behavior to enable the girls to lead happy productive lives in society.

The largest issue at the home has been trying to fund a new roof. The existing roof is 40 years old with huge gaps of holes that could collapse any time.

We have been struggling to come up with the money and have tried many avenues of reaching out to possible donors, applying for grants and all to no avail, said Carmie Cantu, Executive Director of The Treehouse Center. The donation is something we are extremely grateful for as it allows us to continue providing a safe and comfortable place for them to live while they get better”.

Fortunately, Mobile C-Arm Services heard about the roof challenge and wanted to be a part of helping the community.

Carlos Castro, Founder of C-Arm Services, reached out to Dr. Snell with the $22,000 grant.

“As a father of 4, I believe there is not a more important legacy than the actions we take to empower our youth. I am privileged to have the opportunity to assist this inspiring group in the hope it can continue their mission.”

Mobile C-Arm Services and Radiology, Imaging, Staffing & Consulting either rents or staffs Radiology Techs to a substantial number of Hospitals and Surgery Centers throughout the state of Texas.  This is useful when a C-Arm is unavailable for various reasons-unusually busy clinics, repairs, or  supplemental needs in a medical facility. More information about Mobile C-Arm Services may be found on or 

A C-arm is an imaging scanner intensifier. The name derives from the C-shaped arm used to connect the x-ray source and x-ray detector to one another. C-arms have radiographic capabilities, though they are used primarily for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging during surgical, orthopedic and emergency care procedures.

Carmie Cantu was overjoyed with the donation. “It’s imperative that the girls have a solid roof over their heads. The safety of the girls in ALWAYS our priority”

The Treehouse Center is a member of these organizations:

ChildreNinos Bilingual Education (CMBE)

The Texas Youth Care and Child Care Worker Association

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

The National Alliance of Mental Illness

The Texas Juvenile Detention Association (TJDA)

The Juvenile Justice Association of Texas (JJAT)


Additional information about The Treehouse Center may be found at



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