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Here in Texas, homeowners face their fair share of annoying invaders, and the number of pests is likely to climb as warm weather rolls in.

One of the most common (and worrisome) insect invaders in the area is the termite. According to recent Terminix reports, Houston and its surrounding areas are at an extremely high risk of termite infestations, as are the Dallas and San Antonio areas. Therefore, Texans should be highly aware of the signs of termite invasions and should take action against the pests as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, termites aren't just annoying invaders; they can cause damage that is expensive and potentially dangerous. The average large termite colony can eat up to a pound of wood each day, which means your home could be drastically affected by their eating habits. As the termites feed on the cellulose in your home's wood, your house will slowly acquire extensive damage that can be pricey to repair and detrimental to its overall value.

You might not be able to see termites wreaking havoc on your home, but if they are, you'll find the results eventually. Thousands of homeowners in the U.S. have to deal with termite infestations each year, and repairing the damage from the pests is no small expense.

If you spot signs of a termite infestation near your home or believe that some of your wood might be affected by a colony, don't hesitate to reach out to a termite control company like Terminix. Their trained specialists will quickly and effectively spot the signs of the infestation and treat it if necessary. Even if termites aren’t present, Terminix can help you protect your home and prevent future infestations.

Help keep your home protected from termites by scheduling a free inspection with Terminix today. Call 1.877.TERMINIX today to speak with a company representative or visit

*Information about termite infestations provided by Terminix



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