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After months of anticipation, Texas State Technical College faculty and staff have settled into their brand new offices in Fort Bend County.

 “We’re always excited for the first day,” said 15-year Mechanical Engineering Technology instructor Michael Barnes.  “All our machinery is brand new and we’re very excited to start using it.  We’ve designed everything to be 95 percent hands-on, and we are definitely ready to get going.”


 Students are also just as excited about starting their college years in a brand new facility.


 TSTC freshman Henry Pham was eager to enroll at TSTC when a representative from the college visited his high school last year, and that motivation grew when he realized he would be part of the brand new campus.


 “I finally got to see the inside of the building and it’s so nice.  It’s going to be epic when they expand.”


 The transitional process has been something that TSTC employees from across the state have become familiar with, several of whom have traveled back and forth between their main campus and Fort Bend.


 Christopher Santos, bookstore representative for TSTC in Harlingen, joined Fort Bend on the first official day of class to offer his assistance.


 “I came here last Tuesday to help sell books and t-shirts, and we actually sold out of welding and cyber security books, that’s why I came back today.  I’m excited to restock those items for students,” said Santos.  “This campus is going to be extremely beneficial to the area and I think it’s really going to help the town grow.  The building itself is beautiful.”


 Veterans Program Officer, Reginald Dunn, also shares the same sentiments about the architecture of the new facility.


 “The infrastructure is amazing, and the state-of-the-art technology used by this college only adds more to the already impressive package.  TSTC has all the right people in the right places to make things happen and get stuff done,” he said.  “Seeing the billboards on your commute, and watching commercials about the campus only made the anticipation grow.  We’re all happy it’s finally here.”


 TSTC in Fort Bend County has just broken ground on its new facility, slated to open in the fall of 2017.  For more information on how to enroll, or to take a look at the programs TSTC has to offer, visit

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