Houston is a big, sprawling metropolis that covers more than 8,000 square miles so when it comes to choosing the best place in the city to relocate to, it’s extremely important that you have a very specific area in mind. If you’re interested in moving to a part of the city that is at the heart of everything, you’ll find that Houston’s Inner Loop. As they explain on Houston’s InterNations webpage,


“Locally known simply as the Loop, this road is an important point of reference, as neighborhoods are often referred to as being either inside our outside the Loop. Inside, you will not only find the core of Houston’s business world, but also quite a few residential areas.”


The closest you can get to Houston’s downtown, the Inner Loop is one of the most active and vibrant parts of the entire city. And considering the many advantages of living in Houston in general, it’s easy to see why so many have opted to settle here.


Great Employment Opportunities


Just because the nation’s economy has been on a roller coaster ride doesn’t mean that you have to. Many people are looking at Texas as one of the most ideal places to relocate mainly due to their strong economy. Houston is considered to be one of the best cities when it comes to its strong business environment both on the domestic and the international front. And with their economic ties reaching to all parts of the globe, job opportunities abound just about everywhere you look in the city.


Cost of Living


The city has earned a pretty high rating on cost of living expenses in comparison to other cities. This means that you’ll be able to afford many of the goods and services that you use every day. In addition, residents of Houston generally pay much less for their utilities transportation costs. So, the money you make working in this energetic business world will be able to be used for more than just getting by with the necessities of life. According to,


“When Forbes conducted a study analyzing wages in major cities, as well as the cost of living in those cities, Houston took the top spot. Cost of living, which includes factors such as consumer prices and services, utilities and transportation costs, and housing prices, gave Houston the lead in how far your dollar can take you.”


Add to that the fact that the city is also ranked high on the list for the fastest growing wages in comparison to any other city in the nation. What more incentive do you need to motivate you to relocate to Houston’s Inner Loop, the heart of everything the city has to offer.


The Cultural Scene


There is good reason why the city has been named one of the “Coolest Cities to Live in.” Not only will you find plenty of jobs but you’ll also find a very busy and vibrant lifestyle that can give you more than enough to do when you’re not in the throes of the business crunch.


In addition to its ethnic diversity (surpassing even New York) it’s considered one of the safest cities you can live in. This contributes greatly to a plethora of activities, festivities, and things to do. So, whether your personal tastes lie in roaming the hallways of museums, art galleries, or theatrical entertainment or you’d rather spend your time in the outdoors, you’ll find that the city’s cultural scene can serve up one of the best lifestyles you could possibly imagine.


Houston’s Inner Loop encompasses 14 different and distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality. Together they have been labeled as one of the best communities in the country. According to,


 “Houston’s Inner Loop offers one of the best commutes in the country” with access to over 600,000 jobs (between Downtown Houston and The Medical Center, The Galleria and the Energy Corridor), CNN Money. “#5 on the Best Cities for Jobs, 2014,” Forbes Magazine.”


All of this is probably the best reason why it has become one of America’s “Fastest Growing Cities” in the entire country. So, if you’re in search of more than a place where you can live, consider moving to apartments Inner Loop Houston where you can actually have a life.

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