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Staff and clients at T.E.A.M. Abilities

Millions of families in the United States include adults and children with disabilities. With the vast demands and responsibilities that accompany caring for a family member with special needs, it can be difficult for the family unit to handle on their own. Although the family unit is one of the most important supportive structures, sometimes a caregiver is needed to reinforce the structure with competent and professional outside help.

Caregiving plays an important role when it comes to those with disabilities and many times includes more than one person. Rachel Jelks, owner of T.E.A.M. Abilities, Inc., explains that it is important for all caregivers to be on the same page. “Together Everyone Achieves More,” said Jelks, revealing the acronym in the company name. “When everyone is working together, we can make sure that every one of our clients is cared for appropriately, which means being mentally and physically stimulated as much as their abilities allow. They never get left in the corner watching TV all day as in some day rehabs. We treat and care for everyone here as if they were our own family.”

The idea that everyone should have the opportunity to be themselves and enjoy quality of life no matter their disability is what makes the caregivers at T.E.A.M. Abilities and their clients one big happy family, something that isn’t typically found in most facilities, which would rather have functioning individuals and not accept a variety on the spectrum.

The more needs a person has can require more money, resources and extra work. “At T.E.A.M. Abilities, we accept everyone and give them the opportunity to be part of our program,” said Jelks. “If we find that the client needs more one-on-one or special resources, we put our heads together and look for different avenues instead of just giving up on them.”

Many families do not even know a place such as T.E.A.M. Abilities exists right here in the area or what to look out for when considering outside care. In choosing a facility such as T.E.A.M. Abilities, they can be assured their loved one will experience a pleasurable environment where Jelks assures there will be:

  • No sitting alone in the corner
  • No staring at the television all day
  • No sitting in soiled diapers
  • No being left alone without mental stimulation
  • No shaming

When looking for a reputable facility such as T.E.A.M. Abilities, Jelks recommends family members make sure that they provide their loved one with:

  • Daily Mental stimulation
  • Daily Physical stimulation
  • Group outings
  • Group activities
  • Community Involvement
  • A sense of belonging

Encouraging socialization and stimulation for every member of the family provides the quality of life everyone deserves, no matter what disability they may have.


T.E.A.M. Abilities, Inc., is a provider for individuals with developmental disabilities located at 4572 FM 1960 Rd W. Houston, TX 77069. For more information about their services including their Day Rehabilitation Program please call 832-965-5549 or email

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