My Lash Results using Lash Serum

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/25 10:15A Alexis Jones
Over the last year I have gotten countless questions about my lashes. Although I don t think I know everything about lashes I do know what has worked for me and want to share. Today we are talking all...

mexico outfits from nordstrom

Dress Up Buttercup 1/24 3:05A
Ted and I take a trip every year in January to refresh, and this year we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Packing for the beach in the winter can definitely be challenging, but I m so glad I was able...

Puerto Vallarta Recs

Dress Up Buttercup 1/24 3:04A
If you re looking for a honeymoon spot or even just somewhere special to go with your significant other . y all I cannot recommend Puerto Vallarta enough! This is our second time staying at the...

How to Style and Wear Stockings

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/13 5:05A EllyB
You know what you don t see often? Stockings anymore, and it s such a bummer because it s SUCH an excellent accessory to have in the colder months and can look SO CHIC. I feel like we look at...

How To Style Faux Leather Pants

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/10 3:22A Elly
Nothing says edgier than leather. Take a leather jacket, instantly brings an edge to any outfit! It s probably why I love my faux leather pants so much. I LOVE how it brings an edge to any look. It s...

Stone Age humans stepped out in cave bear fur 300,000 years ago

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 1/5 3:39A CNN/ Newswire
Archaeologists in Germany have uncovered some of the earliest evidence of the use of clothing, with newly discovered cut marks on a cave bear paw suggesting the prehistoric animals were skinned for their fur some 300,000 years ago.


Dress Up Buttercup 1/3 9:06A
Wellness is something that I really started focusing on towards the end of 2022 and I m excited to bring those same habits into 2023! Here are a few of my starter packs from Amazon for the 2023...

4 Ways to Detox from Social Media

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/2 11:18P Elly
Social media can sometimes become a dark place. Fake News, comparison, unrealistic images, the list can go on! 90% of my job involves social media, and even though I try to keep it real as much as I...

Nordstrom Winter Faves

Dress Up Buttercup 12/27 8:50A
Y all know I love a good Nordstrom find and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I ve been wearing this winter! Topshop specifically has been having such great sales at Nordstrom and I ve...


Dress Up Buttercup 12/23 1:41P
It s been super chilly here in Houston (at least to us haha) and I ve been loving Walmart s cold weather fashion options! Y all know my favorite thing is to tell people that my outfit is from Walmart,...

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Amazon

Uptown with Elly Brown 12/19 12:25A Elly
Christmas is this Sunday! I repeat Christmas is THIS Sunday! This is the last gift guide that I ll be doing this year, and that you ve definitely come to the right place if you re still needing any last-minute gift ideas. With only days left...

Free Assembly FindS

Dress Up Buttercup 12/8 4:16A
Y all Free Assembly is seriously such a cool brand at Walmart! I ve been sharing different pieces from them throughout the fall/winter season and have been so impressed with the style + quality....

Best Lipstick Shades for the Holidays and Beyond

Color and Chic 12/8 1:00A Quincy
The fun part about beauty is how versatile it is. A single product can change your look so much, and I definitely have a few I lean toward at different times of the year. For example during the...

Easy Holiday Hair Ideas

Uptown with Elly Brown 12/7 10:00A Elly
The holiday season is here, and I know you have loved past hair tutorials and styles, so, I thought, let s create easy holiday hair ideas that can be done in under 5 minutes! You can also create...
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